About Ashish Chawla

Ashish is an entrepreneur, marketer, film maker, musician, actor and an ex CFO of a billion dollar company. His aim is to spread logic and creativity. He knows that the quality of one's life can enhance by improving the quality of one's thinking. He is passionate about 3Ms - mind, marketing and music. He is an avid researcher, student and teacher of the unconscious patterns of the mind, which once known can fill one's mind with clarity, creativity and confidence.

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These courses will make you aware of your stereotypical, programmed thoughts and will give you highly practical tools to understand the mechanism of the mind in order to get utmost clarity, creativity and confidence in your life.

Logic of thinking

Logic of Thinking Course

A course on clear, creative and confident thinking


7 Mind Traps

A course highlighting 7 unconscious mind traps leading to faulty decisions


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