7 Mind Traps

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Learn the science of making better decisions

Our decisions get impacted by automated, stereotypical thinking patterns. You don't believe me? Watch this video and discover your own automated patterns.


Our minds form connections, relations and associations that we often don't consciously know exist yet they impact all our decisions.

In this course I share 7 mind traps that, I bet, your own mind is trapped in. This will completely change the way you would look at things. This is an action packed course containing mind opening case studies, deep psychological research findings and practical action points to overcome the 7 mind traps.

This course will make you an effective, clear, correct, confident decision maker.

What you will learn
  • Become aware of the autopilot mode of your mind

  • Discover 7 mind traps that are making you a bad decision maker

  • Learn the science of overcoming these traps

  • Build the skill of effective, objective, logical decision making

Price: INR 8999 INR 999 (pre-launch offer)

Who must take this course?
Working Professionals

“I have to take a lot of decisions at work. I have targets to meet. I constantly get asked questions, I have to make judgments, I need to evaluate options. I have taken decisions in the past and have made incorrect choices. I feel responsible and I care about the growth of my company, my team and my own self. I want a methodology that helps me make better decisions.”

Entrepreneurs/ Startup Founders

“I am expected to have all the answers – from operations to marketing to finance, I am the key decision maker. I have to hire and deal with people issues almost on a daily basis. The quality of my company depends on the quality of my decisions. I don’t want to be emotional in making judgments and need a method of taking objective, rational decisions.”

Freelancers/ Consultants

“While I receive a brief from clients, it is my mind that they rely on. I need to provide clients with many options. I also get attached to my own thought process and find it difficult to convince the clients sometimes why they should agree with me. I know effective decisions will result in getting better referrals and higher fees.”


“I am a student and have to make so many choices that will shape my life. I have to take decisions like what subjects to take, what friends to rely on, what mentors to follow. I often rely on the guidance of others but somehow I feel that they do not understand what I really should be doing. I need a method to be clear and confident in my decision making skills.”


“I am a homemaker and I know that it is a full time job which requires effective leadership and management skills, I need to deal with helpers, run the finances of the house, co-ordinate with housework to meet the schedules of others in the family and also take care of my own hobbies and interest. I don’t want to be manipulated anymore by anyone. I need better awareness of how I can rely on my own choices and decisions and be an independent, clear thinker.”

Meet your Coach, Guide and Mentor
Ashish Chawla

Hi I am Ashish and thank you for taking the interest in getting to know me!

I am obsessed with how the human mind works! How it forms connections and how it arrives at judgments and conclusions.

I have been very fortunate to experience multiple streams in my career. I am, currently, an entrepreneur, marketer, film maker, musician, actor and founder of Ahsomeness, a creative content agency. I have crafted hundreds of content pieces for some top brands. In my past extensive corporate career, I have been a CFO of Goibibo, a billion dollar company in the online travel space. I was instrumental in raising USD 65 million for one of India's first e-commerce startup and have also worked for companies like GE and KPMG. I am a chartered accountant by qualification, marketer by profession and an artist by passion.

This combination of left brain, hard core analytical career along with right brain, free flowing creative stream has given me a deep understanding of the way our mind operates and forms patterns. I have done extensive research on psychology and have managed to bring together all my practical learnings in the course the 7 Mind Traps.

This course will hit you hard with all the stereotypical ways of thinking and will make you a better, effective, scientific decision maker.

Price: INR 8999 INR 999 (pre-launch offer)

What is stopping you from taking a decision:
Reason 1

You think decision making cannot be learnt. It comes through experience and trial and error –
My firm reply to this is that decision making and thinking are skills like any other skills. If experience was the way people learnt decision making then all older people would be making wise decisions. But clearly that is not the case. This course makes you aware of the blind-spots in your thinking that are making you take bad decisions. Without the awareness you will never even know that something needs to be improved.

Reason 2

You think no online course can teach you decision making. This has to be learnt face to face –
This would have been true if only theoretical, non-actionable, impractical advises were given in the course. But here I walk you through 7 real life case studies in an experiential manner. You get to live those case studies, think it through and arrive at your own conclusions. This is an introspective course that will make you think very differently.

Reason 3

You don't trust finishing the course. You think you are too busy to follow the steps in this course.
One reason you feel you are so busy could be that you are not making the right choices. But if you are here and going through this material, then you can do it. Nobody is perfect, including you. You just need to be attentive while doing the course, play the recordings again if so needed and follow the teachings one case study to another.

Reason 4

Overload of so much information is making it difficult for you to keep track. You think there are so many videos and write ups available on internet, you don't need another course that teaches the same things that are free on the internet.
The stuff on the internet doesn’t flow in a sequence, is random and not targeted and most importantly doesn't teach you the ‘how’ of things. It doesn’t give you pointed tools and actionable points. If they worked, you wouldn't be here.

Reason 5

You want to be perfect in your decision making and not have any room for failure. You try to plan to the minutest of details and get upset when things don’t work out as per your plans.
This is because you don’t have a system, a methodology of decision making. You have probably already made up your mind and are just trying to find evidence to prove your conclusion. This is how most of us take decisions and this is how most make mistakes. I hope you pull yourself out of this mind trap first.

This course will hit you hard with all the stereotypical ways of thinking and will make you a better, effective, scientific decision maker.

Price: INR 8999 INR 999 (pre-launch offer)