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3 ways to be an idea machine

September 30 , 2022

1) Observe In 1679, Denis Papin observed that steam in a vessel raised the lid covering it and conceived the idea of the first steam engine. When it comes to ideas..EYEQ often wins over IQ (Text as cut away - Eye-Q wins over IQ)

Creativity Killer

September 15 , 2022

Who is the enemy of creativity?. Perfectionism. If you want to improve your creativity, it is better to aim for excellence rather than perfection. While both are related, they have different goals. Excellence and Perfection both involve the pursuit of very high standards, but excellence is flexible while perfection is not. Perfection goes beyond excellence and aims for flawlessness.

Two brain modes

September 1 , 2022

One is the focus mode. When you process something interesting, meaningful or when you are running against a deadline, you are in focus mode. When say you are playing a musical instrument, solving problems, making your baby laugh you are not passively thinking about any email you left unanswered or the bill you did not pay.